Monday, January 27, 2014

A new addition to The Elliott Sports Medicine Clinic - Introducing Dr. Alok Gupta

Dr. Gupta completed his medical training in India followed by a residency in Orthopedic Surgery. He worked as an Assistant Clinical Professor and Orthopedic surgeon in India and Botswana for a number of years.
He completed a Master of Health Research Methodology at McMaster University (MSc) and pursued residency in Family Medicine at McMaster University.

Dr. Gupta has a passion for musculoskeletal related problems and has successfully completed his Diploma in Sports Medicine (CASEM) following a sport medicine fellowship at McMaster University.

Dr. Gupta’s sports medicine training includes experience with professional groups such as the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football team. Dr. Gupta’s work experience includes medical coverage at national and international events with various Canadian national teams including Toronto Women Half Marathon (2013) and World under 23 Ultimate Frisby Championship (2013). Dr. Gupta enjoys working with athletes and active individuals of all ages to prevent and treat injuries and help promote an active lifestyle. Dr. Gupta has particular interest in  concussion  injuries and osteoarthritis.